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How To Choose a Good Laptop For College

One of the almost essential elements for college is a computer and you should choose yours according to the needs of your career. So that you do not make mistakes, we will give you some tips to choose a laptop.

Technology advances year after year by leaps and bounds and although that brings us many benefits, it also gives us many headaches. As when buying a computer, for example, the different models, brands, colors and flavors make us confused and not know which one to carry.

Therefore, in this back to school we decided to give you tips to choose a laptop, so you will take home just what you need.



Tall! Before you spend your entire budget and more on a laptop just for its brand, you should pay close attention to the specifications that your career needs because in the end you do not want to end up with a computer that you do not get the most out of.


A computer where you will have different Adobe Premiere Pro programs open is not the same as one where you only use Chrome and Word.

All your choice will depend entirely on this, be honest with yourself, do you really need that 30 thousand peso computer when you could cover all your needs with the 10 thousand one?

It is not worth investing in something that you are not going to use, create a budget according to the use that you will be giving the computer.


One of the most frequent questions among those looking for tips to choose a laptop is whether you should choose a Mac or a Windows computer. And the answer has more to do with personal tastes than with the ability of both operators.

We often hear that Mac is the best option for designers, while Windows are for those who do not use the computer much. Both assumptions are in error.

Mac is a fast and intuitive processor that offers a very neat experience to its users.

However, what you have to consider is that when you buy a Mac laptop you are committing to the brand, because the accessories must be from this and to synchronize your devices they must also belong to the apple team.

One of the strongest points of Windows is that thousands to choose from. The capabilities of computers are very diverse and you can always find the right one for your profession.

The prices also come in various ranges and the advantage of accessories is that you will find different brands at different prices.


Depending on what type of use you want to give the computer, it is important that you check the processor before buying it. You can go for Intel or AMD, both have pros and cons.

If the most frequent programs on your computer will be Office, surfing the Internet and listening to music, you can opt for an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, or for AMD a Ryzen 3 or 5.

But if you are looking for heavier programs and perform tasks such as video editing or joining the games with great graphics, you should opt for an Intel Core i7 or Ryzen 7.


In the memory section, you should know that the minimum that a computer must have to be able to use it without despairing of its slowness is 4 GB of RAM; however, it is recommended to have at least 8 GB.

The more the better, if what you want is a computer that does not give you headaches, look for those with 16 GB of RAM, although we warn you that the price of these rises considerably compared to the others.


Since laptops are computers that we will be moving from one place to another, their size and weight are one of the aspects that we must take into account the most among the tips to choose a laptop.

To begin with, let’s see the size, as we will be in front of this screen for long hours and we do not want to be crossed by squinting the best option around 15 inches.

If you want it to be even more portable, you could opt for one of 11 but if it seems too small you will always have the option of those of 17.

The weight will depend on how much you will be charging it during the day, also, take into account that it will not be the only thing you carry because sometimes the charger will be an obligatory companion of the computer and it can weigh more than the computer itself.

There are already many options for computers weighing less than 2 kilos on the market and you should take a look at them.


Another point, closely linked to the previous one, is the battery capacity. It doesn’t matter which model you choose, you should anticipate that its battery has an estimated time of more than 8 hours, which will be what you spend in school.

You will not always be able to carry the charger or you will find a plug nearby so take this tip into account.


Our recommendation is that you look for what you use the most. A Thunderbolt ™ 3 port won’t do you any good if you don’t know what it is; however, several USB port inputs, the HDMI and the SD card reader will always be useful.

As a plus, you can find that the screen has a projector input because in your exhibitions it will be very useful.

Buying a computer is always an investment and if you are looking for this device to accompany you for much of your career, these tips for choosing a laptop will help you find the most appropriate option for your needs.


Laptops have become our faithful companions in and out of school, giving us the freedom to work almost anywhere and at any time. The bad part is that some errors of use cause that over time (less than we would like) our equipment to break down and begin to present certain failures. But these 5 basics to take care of a laptop will avoid all these problems.

Buying a laptop is a strong investment and if they need technical service their repairs are usually not cheap, that is why we must be especially careful in their care because only then can we avoid great scares.


It might seem that using a laptop does not have major complications, you just turn it on, connect it to the internet and voila, but if you do not maintain these basic measures to take care of a laptop in less than you imagine the equipment will begin to fail.

If you have noticed that your computer’s battery lasts less and less, if it gets louder or gets hotter every day, pay close attention because you may have already made several errors of use.


We usually tie current regulators to desktop computers but the reality is that most of our devices should be connected to one.

This is the case of laptops that often spend several hours a day connected to electricity (a point that we will touch on later) and right now your laptop is as susceptible to receiving an electric shock as desktop ones.

A simple blackout, an electrical storm or even a change in voltage imperceptible to you can seriously damage your computer, not only the battery, but also the rest of the equipment. Therefore, always charge your laptop on a regulated current.


We know that one of the great benefits of laptops is being able to work with them almost anywhere, unfortunately many of these sites are the main mistakes to take care of a laptop.

Computers need a cool environment to avoid overheating. This means that they require a constant air flow and a cool surface that prevents overheating. Our bed or couch does not meet any of these characteristics, which after a while causes the device to rise in temperature and wear out faster.

In addition, the lint that the cushioned surfaces such as blankets or cushions tend to release can cover the fan and prevent it from working properly. Our recommendation is that if you want to use your computer from the comfort of your bed, get a bed table.


We have already told you about the importance of using a current regulator, as electric shocks can damage the entire equipment. Now we are going to delve into battery failures, one of the most frequent problems in this type of device.

Although they are designed to work for several hours, the laptops are not intended to be used as a desktop computer, that is, they should not spend all day connected because although many already have a control system to stop the use of current when being charged some others can become a constant charge and over time this will decrease the battery life time.

Some technicians recommend that if you are going to use the computer for several hours in a row you can remove the battery and use the device as a desktop computer. But if you want to follow this advice, it is important that you know that the battery must be used at least 2 or 3 times a week to avoid deterioration.


When we are at home one of the great enemies to take care of a laptop is the liquid. This is one of the most common problems with our computers and tragically it is more of an oversight than a technical problem.

Computer components are very sensitive to liquids, in our desktop devices this problem is usually not so serious as most of them are very well protected and out of reach of any spill. But laptops are another story because through the keyboard the liquid can enter the heart of the system.

Therefore, spilling liquid on the keyboard can be fatal. Our recommendation is that any drink that is close to the device has an anti-spill cap, to avoid scare. But if the misfortune has already happened, here we leave you some recommendations to try to solve it.


As we have already mentioned, the keyboard is a very weak point in the computer as it allows access to all kinds of elements to the internal system of the machine. Not only can liquids enter the system through the keyboard, dust, lint and even bits of garbage can sneak through it.

The most common is that these residues begin to accumulate under the keys and prevent the correct use of the keyboard (those times when some letter stops working for no apparent reason), but there are times when problems grow and reach the point of causing failures on the whole machine performance.

The solution for this is to periodically clean the computer with utensils created for this. On the internet you can find some cleaning slimes or small vacuum cleaners (without much power) that can remove any residue from the device without damaging it.

Laptops are essential instruments in our student life and losing them early can be a hard blow (not only for the pocket) but if you follow these basic tips to take care of a laptop you can be sure that your computer will maintain its estimated life time and you will save many visits to the technical service.